This Week In Music: 20th July 2023

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ARTIST OF THE WEEK: LLOYD COLE “This Can’t Be Happening”

It is rare that an old dog can learn new tricks. But Lloyd Cole, of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions fame, has done just that. He has released a new record, his 12th, the cheerily titled On Pain, which consists mainly of electronic sounds. One of the tracks, “This Can’t be Happening Right Now” breaks away completely from his wordy, erudite approach to storytelling. Instead, he repeats a single mantra that sits above a meditative synth pulse. The song is utterly mesmerising. The typical Cole jangly guitars have been replaced with synth arrangements that weave in and around Cole’s husky voice and the listener is left to wonder, what is happening? And why can’t you believe it? Just when you feel the song is about some dreadful post-apocalyptic, rear window world, the lightness of the strings and the optimistic pulse of the analogue synths turn the possible meaning on its head and the song ends up being uplifting. Cole shot to fame in the 80s with his sly, gimlet-eyed musings about love and British society, and he has been steadily making similar music ever since from his studio in the US. This latest effort is such a departure from his main body of work because he finally casts his heavy intellect to the side and lets his emotions do the talking.

Cole plays Union Chapel, London Oct 19, 20, 21.

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As the Women’s World Cup begins today it only seemed fitting to highlight a remarkable ad from French telco giant Orange that makes the viewer think twice about one’s perceived notions of what women’s football can be. Many football ‘fans’, without ever having watched women’s football, have strong opinions about the level of the players. But football fans’ appetite for highlights compilations of great actions is an opportunity for Orange to reverse the trend… How? Through a never-before-seen compilation of actions from the men’s ‘Equipe de France’, which quickly reveals itself to be a compilation of technical moves from the women’s Equipe de France: ‘La Compil des Bleues’ (‘The Bleues’ Highlights’ ). Using VFX tricks, the appearance of the female players is altered in the 1st part of the compilation so that we see the recognizable faces and bodies of the men’s football team and its stars like Griezman and Mbapé.  This technical feat required weeks of in-depth research into the French Football Federation’s archives, to find the women’s technical moves, then search for their exact replicas among the male players’ moves, and then trick the women’s images using VFX. When the reveal happens and we see that it was women we were watching all along, we are almost shamed into recalibrating our world view about women’s football. As one comment put it, this is a masterpiece – a rare Deep Fake that does good! Excellent work from Publicis. 

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Manchester Museum has opened an exhibition dedicated to the South Asian diaspora. ‘Request Line,’ is an exhibition made up of vinyls and other significant objects that were recovered by the True Form archival project when Birmingham-based label Oriental Star closed down in 2017.Oriental Star was founded in 1970 by Mohammed Ayub and his son Dr Abdul Mohsin Mian in Balsall Heath. Beginning as a record store and then growing into a label, the imprint quickly held a strong power over the Desi music scene, as it would import, promote and produce music from India, and nurture local Desi talent in the UK.It helped promote the talents of artists such as Bally Sagoo, Ali Khan and Malkit Singh, and the brand grew to become one of the most influential and significant parts of South Asian culture, history and music in the UK and beyond.


A model for a LEGO version of the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus has been submitted to the LEGO ideas platform.The design contains 2628 pieces with many playable assets such as an adjustable tempo fader and a USB stick that can be placed inside and ejected with an adjacent button.The decks also come with two replaceable LED panels, one works with a knob to select from a list of “tracks”, while the other can be controlled by the jog wheel to move through the waveforms of a song. It also comes with a CD that can be placed in and ejected.The design was submitted to the platform by Hungarian designer Tamás Borján last month. The website allows users to submit ideas for potential LEGO products which, if accepted, would be turned into commercial products that give the original designer 1% of the royalties.


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Linn has unveiled a new £50,000 LP12 turntable.To mark the 50th anniversary of their landmark 1972 LP12 turntable, the Scottish-born company collaborated with Sir Jony Ive — Apple design chief from 1997 until 2019 — to create a limited-edition turntable called the LP12-50.One of the primary updates to the new model is the introduction of Linn’s new Bedrok plinth technology. This is formed by “orthogonal layers of beech placed under extreme pressure to create an entirely new, solid and massive material”. In addition, the new turntable features a precision-machined power/speed control button and hinges modelled by creative collective LoveFrom.The LP12-50 is available in either a natural wood finish or painted white.Find out more info here. There are only 250 LP12 turntables on sale.

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