This Week in Music – April 18, 2016

Weekly update of key events in music, entertainment and technology compiled by Laura Montarroso, CORD Spain and edited by Anthony Vanger, MD CORD EMEA.


When news broke that Axl Rose was going to sing for AC/DC replacing Brian Johnson, social media went beserk. Turns out it was not such a bad idea after all.


LVMH Signs Rihanna to Create a Makeup Brand

LVMH may have paid $10 million to Rihanna to play a key role in the development of her own make up brand.

New Study Shows Millennials Prefer Short Mobile Videos, While Older Crowds Like Long-form

The study, conducted by IAB in partnership with Millward Brown Digital and Tremor Video, found brands running 10-second mobile video ads have greater appeal and persuasion potential with younger audiences. However, a slightly longer, 30-second spot did better with those between the ages of 35 and 54.


YouTube is investing $60m in a new music biz venture; Developing Music Talent

YouTube and parent company Google are believed to be pumping $60m into a new music venture run by an entertainment industry veteran. That’s according to multiple MBW sources, who tell us that although the project won’t be a ‘record label’ as such, it will invest cash in artists’ careers on a global scale.

IFPI Global Report: Digital Revenues Surpass Physical for the First Time as Streaming Explodes

The global recorded music business reached an important tipping point in 2015: Digital services now account for 45 percent of recorded music revenue and outstripped physical revenue for the first time, according to numbers released Wednesday by the global trade body IFPI.


Vivendi to buy 15% Fnac stake

Shares in French retailer Fnac, a large seller of physical music, surged 6 per cent on Tuesday after Vivendi, the cash-rich media group agreed to buy a 15 per cent stake.

48% Of People Who Buy Vinyl Don’t Even Listen To It, Study Finds

48% of people who actually buy vinyl don’t even listen to the records, according to just-released stats.  But this gets even crazier: of the 48%, 41% have a turntable but choose not to use it, while 7 % don’t even own a turntable.


Why Coachella Is Important for Fashion Brands

For brands without a million-dollar budget (and also for those who prefer a more organic approach than official sponsorship), Coachella has become a prime influencer marketing opportunity.

AEG, US Concert Promoter, Adds “Name Your Price” Ticketing

It is estimated that about 40% of all concert tickets go unsold annually. ScoreBig has developed a platform that it hopes will help solve the problem and now AEG, the second largest concert promoter in the US, had adopted its “Name A Ticket Price” option.

Instagram’s New Feature Hints at Its Video Marketing Potential for Brands

Brands already crank out seasonally themed photos and videos for Instagram, but in a way, the new hub also acts as a kind of editorial calendar for social marketers who want to be featured as one of Instagram’s top clips.

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