This Week In Music – 28th June 2018

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Retro funk collective plays at Cannes Festival

Franc Moody is a collective of like-minded musicians led by Ned Franc and Jon Moody who last year released “Dopamine” and “Super Star Struck,” bringing them to the attention of underground party and festival goers, according to XLR8R. The band’s sound is a combination of George Clinton, the bass and drum grooves of Sly Stone and a dash of disco with electronic idols thrown in. The collective recently played at Sony ATV’s beach party in Cannes and are going to be touring the UK in October. Check out their FB page for details.

CANNES 2018 – MassiveMusic party

MassiveMusic and Media Monks throw the biggest bash at Cannes Lions

This year, MassiveMusic held its traditional party on the Wednesday night of the Cannes Lions Festival on the roof of Le Palais des Festivals. Three thousand people squeezed through tight security, up the steps to the green-carpeted dance floor and jammed towards the bars to collect vital drinks tokens.

Auke Riemersma started the DJ set at around 10pm to warm up an expectant crowd and handed over to The Flexican, a Dutch DJ, who took charged of the turntables until 2am. MassiveMusic throws the party with MediaMonks, a global creative production partner based in Amsterdam. The party’s attendees included people from all walks of life – CEOs of agencies and brands to producers and directors at production companies and ad agencies – and attendees hit all ages. Below is a video of what the party was like at peak time, around 1:30am.

Ed Note: Two big takeaways from this year’s festival: US tech giants and lower attendance. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google and Spotify all occupied prime beach front real estate in front The Carlton Hotel, marking a real sea-change from when those spots belonged to the big agencies. These firms are set to dominate the advertising space for the foreseeable future. According to locals, attendance was down 20-30% from last year. My own personal experience was that many clients and agencies, especially from Spain and France, opted out, but that those who made the effort were well-rewarded. There is nothing like coming to a market to exchange views, press the flesh and make lasting relationships beyond the digital realm. I am booking my ticket for next year!


Festivals around the world are pledging to tackle gender inequality

So far over 100 festival organisations, including Bestival, MUTEK and NYC Winter Jazz Festival, have signed up to the Keychange Campaign and the number is rising. 

The pledge, organised by the UK non-profit PRS Foundation, requires festivals to achieve and maintain a 50/50 gender balance by 2022. The campaign is targeting festivals all over the world, but wants a greater emphasis on the UK, USA and Canada.


Collaboration came about during work on T2 Trainspotting Soundtrack

Underworld and Iggy Pop have revealed they’ve been in the studio collaborating on new EP, titled ‘Teatime Dub Encounters’.

The unlikely collaboration came about whilst the trio were working on music for the soundtrack to T2 Trainspotting. Although the productions weren’t used for the film’s score, they have now been put together for four-track release ‘Teatime Dub Encounters’.


Band with a long history of arguments buries the hatchet

Although The Kinks have enjoyed global and enduring success beyond the dreams of most bands, Ray and Dave have spent the last two decades trading blows rather than creating music.

However, inspired by the enduring success of The Rolling Stones, the brothers are burying the hatchet. In an interview with Channel 4 News, Ray said that he, Dave, and drummer Mick Avory are “making a new album, inspired by the Rolling Stones.” “I think it’s kind of an appropriate time to do it,” he added. It will be interesting to see what the output is from the studio sessions, but usually these vintage bands use the new material as an excuse to tour and play all the old hits. Good luck to them!


A new product that allows you to drum without a drum set.

One of the problems of being a drummer, is that you have to schlep your instrument around with you. As a young drummer, my father always used to ask me “Why didn’t you chose the piccolo?” Well now a company, Aerodrums, may have solved this problem. This new technology works with traditional drum sticks that have reflective balls at the tip and reflective panels that are attached to your feet. A camera then captures any movements made, allowing you to drum without a physical kit (and, when fed into headphones, without making any noise!). The new upgrade takes this same format but now allows for more immersive drumming using a VR headset. Watch the impressive demo below.

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