This Week In Music – 10th October 2019

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Simon & Garfunkel’s new record? No, but listening to Derde Verde’s second single, Ghost, from their latest album Slow Light, you could be forgiven for confusing the two. The song even starts with a bass riff straight out Mrs. Robinson! Comprised of two members, Dylan McKenzie – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards – and Jonathan Schwarz – bass, vocals, drum machine, keyboards – the LA-based duo have adopted the sound of their heroes and nurtured it into something new, with modern orchestrated acoustic arrangements and pure harmonies.

The big difference is that, unlike Simon & Garfunkel, this duo does not tell stories with songs like The Boxer. Instead, lines like “I felt your voice like a knife held to my throat” offer a glimpse into a state of mind rather than actual events. If I close my eyes, I can see the changing landscape as we head out into the great wide open beyond the City of Angels. It is the sound of America.


This week and next, protesters are clogging the streets of London hoping that their behaviour will force the UK government to do something about climate change. This very clever ad offers an alternative approach. If people can’t agree on climate change, that’s fine, because there is one thing we can all agree on: saving money.

Geothermal, a renewable energy source that uses the earth’s natural temperature to heat and cool your home is a solution to a problem that takes flawed beliefs out of the climate change equation. Sign me up!


Mac OS X Catalina, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, is now available to download from the App Store. As has been heavily reported, the new OS brings with it the demise of iTunes, replacing the long-serving app with Music, a new music library and streaming app that combines Apple Music and what was your iTunes library. New apps Apple Podcast and Apple TV replace the TV and podcasting aspects of iTunes. 

Alongside a different interface, Music looks fairly similar to iTunes and your library will still be there when you reboot after the update. However, one key issue for DJs is that, the protocol that let apps like Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox dj communicate with your iTunes library has now been removed. A fix is on the way for all major apps, and Algoriddim’s djay has already solved the issue, but at the moment, if you use iTunes to create playlists for DJing, and you upgrade to Music, you’ll have to manually export your XML file from Music and import it into your DJ software every time you make a change. 


According to a survey by Deezer of over 2000 adults in the UK 15% of music fans under the age of 25 in the UK say they have never listened to a full album, according to a new survey conducted by streaming platform Deezer.

The study took results from more than 2000 UK-based adults, finding further that 42% of people are simply adding their favourite tracks into playlists and dispensing with the rest of artists’ albums. 

When pushed on exactly why their listening habits were tending towards picking and choosing what they wanted to listen to from albums, many of those involved in the survey said that they simply led too busy lives to devote time to giving things a full listen. 

Deezer’s stats for its own streaming platform also point out that album listening in the UK is down to just 17 minutes per day, lower than the global average of 26 minutes a day.

82% of those questioned said that they had listened to a full album, and at home (53%), on a car journey (32%) and on a walk (14%) were the favoured places to listen to music for those partaking in the study.


YouTube has revealed a new documentary entitled, How to Be: Mark Ronson will premiere on October 12.

The new release will feature unreleased footage covering the 44-year-olds rise to fame in the music business. The documentary also features exclusive interviews from collaborators who have worked with Ronson. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Bradley Cooper, and Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon all add their voices to the documentary.

How to Be: Mark Ronson also features self-reflection about Ronson’s childhood. Ronson’s stepfather was Foreigner’s Mick Jones, so he had an early peek into the music industry. It also includes insight into his work with Amy Winehouse on producing her album, Back to Black.

The movie runs for 1 hour and 49 minutes and will be free worldwide.


Record Stores Nationwide Are Selling the Tiny Format

Vinyl sales are now threatening to overtake CDs — for the first time since 1986. So maybe this is the perfect time for a vinyl novelty.  The tiny, 3″ vinyl format was first popularised by The White Stripes frontman, Jack White. White’s label ⁠— Third Man Records ⁠— imported the format from Japan for limited edition singles.

The original 3″ vinyl player was a cheap toy from Japanese toymaker Bandai. The format never caught on beyond White Stripes fans, but Record Store Day is hoping to change that.

Earlier this year, Record Store Day teamed up with Crosley to release a new 3″ vinyl player. Dubbed the RSD3 Mini Turntable, the record player launched on Record Store Day ⁠— April 13th. Four collectible singles from Third Man and Epitaph Records highlighted that initial release.

Now, Record Store Day has announced a classic rock 3″ vinyl single series.

Record Store Day teamed up with four of the most iconic names in the Sun Record Company catalog. Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Roy Orbison outline the new series. Vinyl specialist label ORG Music collaborated with Sun to remaster the original audio.

The four new records will go on sale in record stores on October 18th. That set will include the following classic rock singles:

  • Johnny Cash – “Cry! Cry! Cry!”
  • Jerry Lee Lewis – “Great Balls of Fire”
  • Carl Perkins – “Honey, Don’t!”
  • Roy Orbison – “Devil Doll”

Written by Anthony Vanger

Additional reporting by Adam “Badger” Woolf

Artwork by Gustav Balderdash

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