This Week In Music: 14th May 2020

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Watching the video to KeiyaA’s latest release, Negus Poem 1 & 2, is like stepping back to the early 90s in New York. Taken from her debut album Forever, Ya Girl, the song highlights the Chicago-bred, New York-based singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist’s main weapon: her voice. She joins an illustrious list of female R&B singers – from Erykah Badu to Macy Gray, from Lauren Hill to Alicia Keys – who can really stamp a unique vocal sound on their music. But KeiyaA is not just a singer. She also composes and produces all of her material. There is a loneliness in that approach and it is reflected in the melancholy of her arrangements. The music soothes, but there is a feeling she would rather be somewhere or “somewhen” else.


Snoop Dogg remixes Just Eat’s jingle in the food-delivery service’s latest campaign.

This week was a no-brainer. Anytime everyone’s favourite rapper steps up the mic to do an ad, you know it is going to be memorable. He was been recruited by the UK delivery service to front their new campaign, and in a new ad he can be seen dropping food off to customers in a pimped out motorbike. Filmed in his own compound around Los Angeles, Snoop has upped the stakes of the service by remixing their ad jingle and turning it into a full-blown music video. Hey, if you’re going to do it, you better look cool as you do it.


But a storm is coming

Musicians and songwriters in the UK received a record amount of money last year, but the loss of live music poses a major threat to income in 2020.

The warning was issued by PRS for Music, the body that makes sure 145,000 songwriters, composers and publishers in the UK are paid when their music is played or performed around the world. The organisation collected a record £810m last year, a rise of 8.7%.

But it said Covid-19 would result in an “inevitable decline” in 2020 and 2021.

“Even though we had a record-breaking year, we know very well that we’re in unprecedented, unpredictable times,” chief executive Andrea Martin told the BBC.

Revenues from “live music and public performance will be hit” not just in 2020 but in 2021, as international payments often take time to trickle down, she said.

“There will be a downfall,” she added. “But by how much and by what per cent… your guess is just as good as mine.”

The situation will hit smaller acts, many of whom were already struggling before the pandemic, the hardest.


Bringing the club to the home during lockdown

UK duo Koven are set to provide yet another forward-thinking and impressive lockdown tonic this month: Another Home, their own completely unique virtual venue.

Inspired by world class venues they’ve toured at over the last few years, named after the first song they wrote together, and built using Sansar (the same platform created by the makers of Second Life), Another Home is a fully immersive and interactive digital raving space boasting all kinds of details you’d expect from a real life venue such bars, merch stalls and even its own recording studio. Most importantly, it has a dancefloor and a stage where acts will perform exclusive live shows, and it kicks off with a live show from Koven themselves.  

Dates and times have yet to be revealed, but the venue will launch with a show from Koven and will roll-out to feature many more leading electronic acts throughout May and beyond.

Each live show at Another Home will be performed various times throughout the day to accomodate different timezones and all billed acts will be represented by their own custom made realistic avatar. The show can either be streamed via Twitch for free or can be fully explored from within as a ticketed event through Sansar which can be accessed through Steam or direct from Sansar’s website.


The annual exclusive-release event will adjust for the possibility that social-distancing rules will still be in place throughout the year.

Record Store Day has reformatted due to the widespread shop closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Record Store Day 2020 was originally set to go down on April 18th. It had been moved to June 20th, but it will now be spread across three Saturdays—August 29th, September 26th and October 24th. Rather than emphasising in-store events, which draw droves of customers out to stores for exclusive releases, the new dates will focus on “drops” as opposed to in-person events. 


With its new Surface Earbuds, Microsoft took a chance. One of the world’s biggest tech companies could attempt to compete in a new field by beating its competitors at their own game. Or it could double down on its own brand, and rely on attempting to create an experience that’s truly unique.

The $200 Surface Earbuds are here, arriving notably cheaper than the price they were originally unveiled at in late 2019 – $250. Microsoft marketed them as a pair of true wireless earbuds made almost exclusively for the working professional, integrating the new buds as creatively as it could with its own software. 

Written by Anthony Vanger

Additional reporting by Adam “Badger” Woolf

Artwork by Gustav Balderdash

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