The Veltron Transmissions

Usually, you write about a band or an artist because of the music. But sometimes the music takes a back seat to other considerations, such as culture, politics, aesthetics or in this case, technology. The Veltron Transmissions perform great music, but it is the way they have created it that is so relevant. This music was composed and recorded virtually using an app called Endlesss, which runs on 5G, a super-fast phone technology. When Tim Exile, founder and CEO of Endlesss, put on an event where jammers could take over the live stream on the Endlesss Twitch channel for an hour, a musician called Stevie J contacted three musicians to form the crew that became The Veltron Transmissions. The result is great, but it is the fact that this new technology allows musicians to collaborate with each other virtually in real-time and make music without a glitch that makes it such a ground-breaking release. Expect this technology – as technology has always done, from the Beatles in Abbey Road to hip-hop – to significantly change the way music is made.


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