The 1975

There is a lot to like about this band. They write great pop songs. The singer is a star. The drummer and the rest of the band are fantastic so that the tracks always pulse with energy. They are also going through growing pains, trying to figure out who they want to be and what they want to look like and that can always be interesting musically and aesthetically. Success has always come fast (and easy?) to lead singer Matthew Healy and his band with four Number 1 albums in the UK and one in the US, but the success came at a price. Healey, 29, has spoken openly about his battle to overcome heroin addiction and most of the songs on the last album were about that struggle, so it is refreshing to hear their new album, Notes on a Conditional Form, take the band in a new more positive direction and check out the sax solo. Like one of the comments on YouTube said: “Sax never died, it was just sleeping ready to be awoken.”


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