Haruka Salt

This week we go deep underground. Brooklyn DJ Haruka Salt and New York artist W.Y. Huang have released a music video for their collaboration ‘OG Gong’. The video shows a dystopian future (or present) where the sky is bright orange (remind you of anything?) and the streets are strangely unpopulated but the buildings are all lit up (also remind you of something?). The industrial techno stomper soundtracks the short film, animated by Race Krehel of SuperCyberTown, where a battle between two giant monsters — one a vivid insect creature, the other a humanoid figure — is thwarted by a mysterious glowing deity, plunging the entire city into catastrophe. My favourite part of the video is where the action stops to reveal a group of people dancing on either side of the six-lane highway. If there was ever a new category at the Grammy’s for “Single that best captures what is going on in the world today”, this track would walk off with the prize hands down.

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