Duck Sauce

This week’s artist, Duck Sauce, has put out a DYI stock footage video of their latest release “Mesmerize” that causes the jaw to drop and then crash unhindered, to the floor. The track exhibits enviable timing and courage. I can’t imagine it being made before lockdown. The song is solid, but it is the combo of the song/video that catapults the whole into 10+ territory. As one reviewer noted, “One’s first thought upon viewing the […] work is to question the mental state of those behind it.” But there is a nod and a wink to every scene, where nothing is taken too seriously and celebrity, in the form of @Bruce Willis, @Morgan Freeman, @Vin Diesel, and @Daniel Craig, is cleverly parodied. Is the track a commentary on social networks? Or on dance culture, or culture as a whole? Not sure, but the sequence where “duck sauce” is typed into Google Search leading to rapid-fire result pages of @Barbara Streisand, cognition, AI, and finally Simulation Hypothesis is a neat demonstration of search engine black holes. Speaking of black holes, a word of caution: at around 3 mins 26 secs things shift to the scatological. If you keep watching, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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