Jeff Tweddy

It’s not every day a rock star writes a book about how to write a song. Jeff Tweedy, 52, from Chicago, singer and main songwriter of the cult alt-rock band Wilco, did just that. And he should know: he has written hundreds of them in a 25-year career that has produced 20 albums, two Grammy’s, and numerous successful collaborations with artists such as Nora Jones. In his new book, How to Write One Song: Loving the Things We Create and How They Love Us Back, Tweedy shares his detailed thoughts on the art of songwriting, from practical tips to philosophical observations on the creative process. I discovered this whilst listening to a podcast on Broken Record, with the ubiquitous Malcolm Gladwell interviewing. Tweedy is a fertile interview subject, at once completely open and yet suitably opaque to make it interesting. His tips are useful and easy to follow, but when he plays a song he has written as an example of his creative theories, it quickly becomes apparent that there is one element missing from his formula: talent. Below is one of his latest creations, Gwendolyn, written and recorded in lockdown.


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