Baby Queen

What do you get if you cross Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Gwenn Stefani? Baby Queen, aka Bella Latham, 23, a South Africa-born, London-based musician hit the road running during the pandemic with her first single, Buzzkill. Since then she has teased out a series of tasty singles and videos, cementing her status as one to watch. Her songs are confessional and appeal on first listen to a young demographic, but between the lyrics, hooky choruses, and videos, you begin to see what the fuss is about. Latham has a distinct style and the charisma to pull it off, switching outfits multiple times in videos and looking straight down the lens of the camera without a hint of self-consciousness. Everything is performed with a nod and wink, including her lyrics, which show wry humor beyond her age. All performed with a deadpan semi-posh South-African twang, where “flawed” becomes “flohawd” and “party” morphs into “pahhrti.” Strong songwriting, great image, confessional lyrics – could Baby Queen transcend the UK pop scene and become the next big thing?

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