Luka Kloser

Nature vs nurture? The eternal question when answering why a precocious talent emerges from the swamp. Luka Kloser is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles from a musical family, her father Harald Kloser scored many films including “Independence Day: Resurgence.” She’s been making a career writing for others, but now she’s ventured out and is sharing her own work. Digging back to her earlier songs, you can hear the promise of something, but her sound was too derivative of Katy Perry and Billie Eilish. But here with Lie To Me, Kloser steps out into virgin territory. Positive noises from taste-making radio station KCRW in LA are helping to introduce her to a new audience. Kloser sings, “It’s coming from my heart” and those simple words are the reason why this song is setting her career alight. Nature or nurture? Impossible to say, but either way, this young artist is digging deep and carving out her own space in a crowded field.



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