The Weather Station

This artist has been prodding persistently at my conscious for a month. I was introduced to The Weather Station, aka Tamara Lindeman, by a colleague at work, and at first, her morose quality pushed me away. But I kept on watching and listening and slowly, like when you discover you are friends with someone you didn’t like at first, it clicked. This song “Robber” is perhaps the most approachable song from the album, but it still requires some heavy lifting on the part of the listener. The beat is loose and jazzy. The piano lays down the minimum chords required to keep the song together. Strings drive the emotion and a saxophone makes a subtle cameo appearance in between verse/choruses. Combined with singer Lindeman’s distinctive breathy vocals, you get a sound that is as original as it is unsettling. This is Weather Station’s fifth album and based on glowing reviews by The Guardian and Pitchfork, it may be the one that pushes this artist into the mainstream.

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