St. Vincent – “The Melting Of The Sun”

Somewhere between her first release in 2007 and now, this Berklee School of Music educated, electric guitar-wielding (she can actually play), avant-guard artist became a bona fide rock star. So how has she applied this newfound fame on her new, seventh album, Daddy’s Home? Inspired by her favourite records of the 70s, she borrows a great deal from that glittering decade sonically, and visually in her videos. Lyrically, it’s a whole other ballgame. It turns out the album’s title carries a deeper meaning for the rock star. In a recent interview, St. Vincent, real name Annie Clark, revealed how her new studio album was inspired by her father’s 2019 release from prison, and how his time behind bars for financial fraud impacted her. Not exactly light-hearted material. And perhaps that is the overarching theme of the album: a sound that celebrates hedonism combined with darker subject matters. It is a delicate balance, but St Vincent manages to walk the tightrope.





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