Mustafa – “Stay alive”

The stillness roars. A quiet, restrained delivery of surprising beauty imploring his listeners to do one simple thing: stay alive. Mustafa is a Canadian poet, singer, and rapper. Born to Sudanese parents, Mustafa got an early start at the age of 12, his powerful poetry and growing popularity leading to guest spots on Canadian TV, songwriting credits on music from fellow Canadians Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd, and glowing press reviews. In the short time since his music debut, the 23-year-old activist has built a loyal following for his music on YouTube. In addition to “Stay Alive,” he released “Air Forces” this past September and shared collaborations with James Blake. His highly-anticipated debut album, “When Smoke Rises” was released in May 2021. Mustafa is going to make a lot of noise. But he will do it quietly.

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