Miombo (Sam Sure Cowebell Dub)

It’s not every day the DJ at a wedding also played Burning Man. And it’s not often that you Shazam every other song the DJ plays at same wedding. And it almost never happens that you hear one track that literally blows your mind. Miombo (Sam Shure Cowbell Dub), by Israeli musician, Haim Laroz, taken from the album of the same name is the perfect way to kick off your Covid-lock-down-fourth-wave-Zoomed-out-working-from-home-wanna-get-away-from-the-city holiday. The epic trance track is 6 minutes long, but the section I have highlighted at 3:11mins is a breakdown of only cowbells, cascading like waterfalls and then miraculously bouncing back up, defying gravity before the hypnotic beats pulses back in and the dancefloor erupts into pure ecstasy. This track stands tall. It is a floor filler and the perfect way to kick off your summer.

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