The War On Drugs – “I Don’t Live Here (feat. Lucius)

How do you know when an indie band crosses over to the mainstream? In many ways, it is a chicken and egg situation where it’s either the organic popularity of the band, or it’s some kind of musical metamorphosis that pushes the band beyond its original borders. In the case of The War on Drugs (aka TWOD), it is clearly the latter. The song “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”, their 5th album, may be the one reason why the band is experiencing a surge in recognition some 13 years after it was formed in Philadelphia. Both intimate and anthemic, the track lures the listener in with Adam Granduciel’s gravel-infused vocals only to smack you out of the park with a rooftop chorus that is nothing short of cathartic. The band, which won a Grammy in 2018 for best Rock Album, has been described as a mix of indie, heartland rock, and Americana. This new release pushes the music beyond these labels into another realm and introduces the band to a whole new group of fans.

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