Brandi Carlile – “Right On Time”

What a pleasure to hear a full-bodied, rich-like-wine voice blasting out of the rafters. Carlile can sing, anyone who has been following her knows that, but in this song, she really hits her stride. Shades of k.d.lang for sure, even in terms of her sexuality and activism, but she is her own woman. Carlile has released seven studio albums and earned thirteen Grammy Award nominations and this one could be the winner. She has navigated through many genres – pop, rock, indie – but as she herself explains “no matter what I do, I just can’t get the country and western out of my voice.” This track, “Right On Time” is majestic in its scope and themes, but there is always the hint of country. The storytelling, the inflection of her voice, and the structure of the material. Most importantly, it allows Carlile to do what she does best: hit and hold the high note. Carlile is an artist who has flirted with and even dated the mainstream. Perhaps now is the time to get properly acquainted.

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