Sylvie – “Falls On Me”

In France, they call it “un coup de foudre”. When you see someone for the first time and it’s love at first sight. I feel the same way about this band. The music wraps itself around you like a warm blanket. Think Arcade Fire meets 70s southern-Cal folk-rock with a bit of Carol King and Linda Ronstadt thrown in. The band is a bit of a mystery. Sylvie is a Canadian indie rock music group from Regina, Saskatchewan. Not exactly the centre of musical creativity, but that “other-ness” is one of the main emotions in the music. Not loneliness per se, but I can definitely see a wide expanse of nothingness all around. The arrangements are sparse and languid but full of confidence, with the piano punching out chords and the slide guitar trying everything up together like a bow. Falls on Me is a gift of a song that leapfrogs into my top 5 for 2021. What a discovery! “Autumn leaves are falling like the rain…”

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