C. Tangana – “Tiny Desk”

A rapper with a pop sensibility and a degree in philosophy is a heady mix. C. Tangana, a rapper from Madrid, Spain recorded this mini-concert for NPR’s Tiny Desk series and it is a revelation, not just because of the religious overtones of the production design, but also because it popularises a form of Spanish music – flamenco – in a fresh way. Looking like the central figure from the Last Supper, C. Tangana leads an all-star flamenco cast to sing some of his most famous songs. The video lasts a full 15 minutes, with C. Tangana switching gears between songs and the various styles he is exploring. Throughout, Tangana’s unique style of confessional, sometimes shocking sometimes cheeky lyrics is delivered with authenticity. The former rapper has had many feuds in his short career and this video is a clear attempt to put that troubled past behind him. His vocal range is limited – he has been mocked in the press for having a weak voice – but what he lacks in technical ability, he makes up for in charisma. This is an artist pushing the boundaries of Spanish music and with 23m views of this video, it is clear that he is reaching a brand new audience.

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