Wolf Alice – “The Last Man On Earth”

Ellie Rowsell, the lead singer of British rock band Wolf Alice, is a reluctant rock star. She stands, surrounded by her band, a choir and string section, dressed in an immaculate dress looking as stunning as any female rock star in recent memory. But she appears almost reticent, shy of her beauty and her power. The song begins quietly, a melancholy piano offering up chords and a rolling, gentle rhythm for Rowsell to begin, tentatively, almost choking the air out of some of the words. But Wolf Alice is a rock band, so we know that at some point the four members will deliver the goods and they do, sounding perhaps more massive and dynamic than they have ever done so before. The songwriting has also jumped several echelons for this Mercury Prize and Grammy-nominated band. This song might be their best and it is safe to say that Wolf Alice is the best rock band in the UK right now.

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