Doe Paoro – “Divine Surrendering”

Paoro is a pointy, sharp artist. She is pointy because she bursts the bubble of what we think is normal. And she is sharp because she cuts to the quick with her music. This new song Divine Surrendering comes off her latest EP due on June 10. It is constructed like a secular hymn, working over the same musical motifs, until they translate into a quasi-religious experience. Doe Paoro, born Sonia Kreitzer, is an American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, whose ethereal sound blends elements of pop, dubstep, soul and R&B and carries a strong influence of Lhamo, a vocally acrobatic, centuries-old Tibetan folk opera tradition. Lately, she has spent much of the last year deep in the Costa Rican jungle, exploring ways that music could activate deeper consciousness. This record is the product of that experience and marks a departure for her as an artist. Her tendency towards minimalism, already present in her sound for years, has now become more focused. The result is a gem of a pop song.

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