S.B Goodman – “Space & Time”

S.B. Goodman sounds like a Southern lawyer out of a John Grisham novel, but really she is a small-town Kentucky girl who grew up on a farm and started telling it the way it is. As a queer artist (her description) living in a conservative state, she could be forgiven for wanting to move to a more urban and cosmopolitan area. But she decided to stay. And we are all the beneficiaries of that decision. Penning stories of the life around her, fronting an all-male band wearing slightly nerdy round eyeglasses, her voice recalls of a mixture of Neil Young (the nasal part) and Janice Joplin (the raw power). On this track, Space and Time, Goodman reveals her sweet side and her delivery is utterly captivating. Be sure to check out her new album Teeth Marks which received an 8+ review from the usually stingy Pitchfork.



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