Tamino – “Fascination’

Sometimes I think I am listening to Jeff Buckley or is it Radiohead? Other times I hear the Middle Eastern influences that take me away from western pop. And other times still I feel like I am just listening to the coolest guy on campus. This Belgian-Egyptian model-turned-musician, the grandson of a legendary Egyptian movie star, who lives and records in his hometown of Antwerp, has developed a captivating sound. With an earnest singer-songwriter writing style, Tamino brings together Arabic and European folk traditions to deliver an intimate, atmospheric record. His main weapon is his voice, which can be a low, rich brooding baritone one minute and a soaring falsetto the next. The 25-year-old has built a solid local following in Belgium, but as he sings in English, it definitely feels like his label has its sights on a global audience.

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See Tamino live: https://www.taminomusic.com/tour

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