Pink Floyd – “Dogs”

Just like the Battersea Power Station, Animals, Pink Floyd’s sometimes overlooked 1977 masterpiece has been given a facelift. The remix is fantastic, Roger Waters’ lyrics are as relevant as ever and the musicianship is astounding. The album sold 12 million units, not as much as Dark Side of the Moon or the Wall, but still a testament to the band’s continued power and relevance. According to the liner notes, Animals was a concept album, focusing on the social-political conditions of mid-1970s Britain. The album’s iconic cover shows an inflatable pig floating between two chimneys of the Battersea Power Station. I recall this LP being on heavy rotation at our house. I would jump up at the end of side A and flip it to side B only to jump up again and flip it over to side A a short while later. The album is surprisingly short, clocking in at 41 mins. Other times, I would stare at the cover and wonder how they recorded the sounds of the pigs.

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Premiered on 22 Jul 2022 ‘Dogs’ from Pink Floyds tenth studio album ‘Animals’ originally released in 1977. Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals 2018 Remix’ is out now:…

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