DMA’S – “Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend”

DMA’s are an Australian three-piece rock band formed in 2012 in Sydney. The letters are not an anacronym and that elusive quality is perhaps an illustration of what the band is about. The sound is ephemeral, with shades of The Stone Roses (check out the Bucket Hat) blending with a straight-up pop sensibility. Whilst they have built a steadily-growing following with their winning 21st-century take on the swaggering, hook-heavy Baggy and Britpop sounds of the 1990s, this new music is a departure into something with a more global appeal. Gone is the heavy emphasis on guitars and on come the synth drums and syncopated keyboards. But the thing that I love about this band, aside from the strong lyrics (“everybody’s saying Thursday is the weekend) is the vocals – sometimes alone, sometimes layered, but always intriguing and telling me a story the audience wants to hear.

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