Flyte: – “Everyones A Winner”

Flyte are an English indie rock band from London who sound like they are from Los Angeles. Soft-rock beats and harmonies cover their music like a soothing balm. This single, Everyone’s a Winner and the whole LP may have slipped under the radar last year and not received the recognition it deserved, but their record label Island Records seems to be in it for the long run. Looking at earlier videos from their first release The Loved Ones in 2017, one can see the band members have traded in their floppy-haired innocence for a more jaded world-view. The band acknowledges that this latest album, This is Really Going to Hurt, is a break up album. As such the music is more introspective and less commercial. Interestingly, the band takes its name from Sebastian Flyte of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. Let’s hope their fate will be better than the book’s protagonist.

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