Lana Lubany – “SOLD”

This year in 2022, TWIM produced 40 blogs and reviewed 40 artists ranging from pop to experimental. Overall the posts have been viewed 10,757 times on LinkedIn and the blog and viewed 41,899 times on IG, generating 2,423 likes and 200 comments, some of them favourable! Combining data with a big dollop of subjectivity, my 2022 top 5 artist list goes like this: 5. Hania Rani “Buka” 4. C. Tangana “Tiny Desk” 3. Bonobo “Shadows” 2. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss “Can’t Let Go” and 1. This year’s decision was much harder than last year’s. Not because there was no stand-out performance, but rather because there were too many! However, the prize for the top TWIM 2022 artist must go to Lana Lubany because of her stunning voice, her songwriting chops, and the way she broke on TikTok singing a combo of English and Arabic. Check out the full clip “SOLD” here:

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Happy Holidays everyone, thanks for following TWIM will see you all in 2023!

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