Kimbra – “save me”

What happens when a song you recorded casually at a friend’s house becomes an international sensation, wins a Grammy and hits number one in multiple countries? That’s exactly what happened to Kimbra, now 32, a singer and songwriter from New Zealand. The friend was Goyte and the song was “Somebody that I used to Know”. That kind of fame can be a burden, and in some ways, 9 years later, Kimbra is still trying to find her feet. Nothing she has produced or done has matched that period back in 2013. Her latest fourth album, Reckoning, gives up trying to catch another pop genie in the bottle and instead focuses on the personal. This is not an indie-non-commercial record, but you definitely feel she is not trying to make another monster hit. I love the way she uses all the senses to convey her message. Her clothes (or lack thereof in the video replay!), the production and the lyrics, everything is precisely where she wants it to be. Despite the beauty and the stillness, there is tension and even anger in her delivery. When she sings – “So go on and save me, I am sinking into my feelings…” – you wonder if she is talking to someone, herself or the wonderful music she has made.

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