Yuné Pinku – “Sports”

The barrage of negative press about AI has drawn me to this artist and her latest release, “Sports,” specifically as it sounds like what I would imagine an AI-dominated world might sound like. Watching Malaysian Irish producer Yuné Pinku on the floor, kneeling towards a cornucopia of digital machines strewn about like it was the set from HBO’s “The Last of Us” is strangely captivating. She invites the viewer to see how she manipulates these lifeless “band members” to conjure her songs to life. Electronics have always been a catalyst for dance music, and while it does not hurt that this song has a killer dance-floor-filler chorus, there is something introverted about Yuné Pinku’s work. It is as if she is fighting the loneliness of the digital world with the very objects that dominate it.

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