The Lathums – “Struggle”

The Lathums are an unapologetically English indie rock band from Wigan, Greater Manchester who proudly wear their northern accents on their sleeves. This is no American sounding outfit and they have tapped into an eager young audience, scoring two number one albums with How Beautiful Life Can Be in 2021 and most recently From Nothing To A Little Bit More from which this single Struggle is taken. The band is influenced by, and often compared to, the Smiths and Artic Monkeys, but I would say they are mix of Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fender, the former because of the frontman and the latter because of the social commentary. And let’s talk about the frontman, singer/songwriter and guitarist Alex Moore. He is a wonder to behold – the last time I saw such an un-ironic use of eyeglasses was Trevor Horn of the Buggles. But unlike Horn, Moore has a secret weapon: his voice. And when he pumps it hard, rising above the tight thunder of the band, you can feel the goosebumps.

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