Benjamin Clementine – “Genesis”

If you crossed Nina Simone with James Baldwin you might get something that sounds like Benjamin Clementine. Born and raised in London by strict Ghanaian parents, Clementine, now 34, left home and found himself sleeping rough on the streets of Paris. He was later discovered busking and signed to Virgin EMI. After moving back to London, he released his debut album At Least for Now, which … Continue reading Benjamin Clementine – “Genesis”

Jenny Hval – “Year Of Love”

It is hard to be different and original. Jenny Hval, a Norwegian artist, manages to achieve both effortlessly. A lot has to do with her voice, nasal and insistent, but with a surprising authority. Her music is mainly electronica, but she is not afraid to borrow from different styles, from reggae and calypso. There is quasi-religious quality to her work and her androgynous persona, and … Continue reading Jenny Hval – “Year Of Love”

Lord Vanger – “Train”

Train, the second single from Lord Vanger’s upcoming album LEAP was penned on a high-speed train between Barcelona and Madrid. As the darkening sky turns the windmills and rustic houses into silhouettes flashing by, the train becomes a metaphor for life, with all the passengers hurtling towards their destination in the dark with little control over their destinies. But instead of feeling lost and fearful, … Continue reading Lord Vanger – “Train”

Flyte: – “Everyones A Winner”

Flyte are an English indie rock band from London who sound like they are from Los Angeles. Soft-rock beats and harmonies cover their music like a soothing balm. This single, Everyone’s a Winner and the whole LP may have slipped under the radar last year and not received the recognition it deserved, but their record label Island Records seems to be in it for the long run. Looking … Continue reading Flyte: – “Everyones A Winner”

DMA’S – “Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend”

DMA’s are an Australian three-piece rock band formed in 2012 in Sydney. The letters are not an anacronym and that elusive quality is perhaps an illustration of what the band is about. The sound is ephemeral, with shades of The Stone Roses (check out the Bucket Hat) blending with a straight-up pop sensibility. Whilst they have built a steadily-growing following with their winning 21st-century take on … Continue reading DMA’S – “Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend”