Kimbra – “save me”

What happens when a song you recorded casually at a friend’s house becomes an international sensation, wins a Grammy and hits number one in multiple countries? That’s exactly what happened to Kimbra, now 32, a singer and songwriter from New Zealand. The friend was Goyte and the song was “Somebody that I used to Know”. That kind of fame can be a burden, and in … Continue reading Kimbra – “save me”

Metoronori – “Evenings”

Experimental music is not an easy listen. There is no obvious structure, little in the way of harmony and dissonant sounds poke their heads up out of the mix like little gremlins. So what can you hold on to? The answer is that this type of music requires a different mindset and and different expectations. As the artist explains, describing her latest record Evenings, “Dreams are … Continue reading Metoronori – “Evenings”

Lana Lubany – “SOLD”

This year in 2022, TWIM produced 40 blogs and reviewed 40 artists ranging from pop to experimental. Overall the posts have been viewed 10,757 times on LinkedIn and the blog and viewed 41,899 times on IG, generating 2,423 likes and 200 comments, some of them favourable! Combining data with a big dollop of subjectivity, my 2022 top 5 artist list goes like this: 5. Hania … Continue reading Lana Lubany – “SOLD”

Benjamin Clementine – “Genesis”

If you crossed Nina Simone with James Baldwin you might get something that sounds like Benjamin Clementine. Born and raised in London by strict Ghanaian parents, Clementine, now 34, left home and found himself sleeping rough on the streets of Paris. He was later discovered busking and signed to Virgin EMI. After moving back to London, he released his debut album At Least for Now, which … Continue reading Benjamin Clementine – “Genesis”

Jenny Hval – “Year Of Love”

It is hard to be different and original. Jenny Hval, a Norwegian artist, manages to achieve both effortlessly. A lot has to do with her voice, nasal and insistent, but with a surprising authority. Her music is mainly electronica, but she is not afraid to borrow from different styles, from reggae and calypso. There is quasi-religious quality to her work and her androgynous persona, and … Continue reading Jenny Hval – “Year Of Love”