Beth Orton – “Weather Alive”

What a voice. To say that it defined a decade, specifically the 90s, is an understatement. Her seminal LPs, Central Reservation and Trailer Park, chilled their way out of every cafe and restaurant sound system from LA to Chang Mai. Aside from her icy cool and slightly pitchy delivery, there was just a hint, ever so slight but still audible, of sexuality. Was that her … Continue reading Beth Orton – “Weather Alive”

Lana Lubany – “SOLD”

When cultures clash you sometimes achieve alchemy. In this case, rising star Lana Lubany blends her Palestinian-American heritage to perfection, swapping Arabic and English in the same song to create an alluring and original sound. It would be unfair to label Lubany a TikTok star, but the platform was responsible for igniting her career when her mother’s reaction to Snake, the first track she had … Continue reading Lana Lubany – “SOLD”


Does living in one of the coldest places on the planet make you more or less chill? Winnipeg band, Living Hour, is staking its claim to be just that with its third LP Someday is Today. Composed of 11 songs, the album finds the band at its most pensive and longing, with its vulnerable lyrics brought to life through lush instrumentation and rudimentary electronica. According to the … Continue reading MISS MISS MISS

Kamal – “Blue”

“Distracted by the surface of your skin…” That’s quite a lyric for an 18-yr-old. And coupled with his buttered vocals and lush arrangements over a sexy groove, it makes for a heady mix. No wonder the “lockdown star” from Harlesden is making a name for himself and quietly playing his way into our ears and hearts. Kamal is an R&B singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from … Continue reading Kamal – “Blue”

S.B Goodman – “Space & Time”

S.B. Goodman sounds like a Southern lawyer out of a John Grisham novel, but really she is a small-town Kentucky girl who grew up on a farm and started telling it the way it is. As a queer artist (her description) living in a conservative state, she could be forgiven for wanting to move to a more urban and cosmopolitan area. But she decided to … Continue reading S.B Goodman – “Space & Time”