Wolf Alice – “The Last Man On Earth”

Ellie Rowsell, the lead singer of British rock band Wolf Alice, is a reluctant rock star. She stands, surrounded by her band, a choir and string section, dressed in an immaculate dress looking as stunning as any female rock star in recent memory. But she appears almost reticent, shy of her beauty and her power. The song begins quietly, a melancholy piano offering up chords … Continue reading Wolf Alice – “The Last Man On Earth”

Roosevelt – “Live on KEXP”

So this is what smooth dance-pop sounds like nowadays. Synths, tight live drums, loops, but infused with just enough real instruments and vocals to make it worthwhile performing live. Roosevelt caught my ear from the first bar. The lead singer and producer, Marius Lauber, 31, started out as a DJ in Cologne, Germany and after writing the hit song “Elliot” in 2013 and a series … Continue reading Roosevelt – “Live on KEXP”

Hania Rani – “Buka”

What is the soundtrack to a war? Polish composer, pianist, and electronic artist Hania Rani has created a unique sound with her cascading arpeggios and cross-over hand piano playing style. She layers electronic sounds and loops into the sustained-pedal sound of her piano-playing. The track “Buka” from the album Home was recorded live in the iconic Warsaw Radio Studio S2, in Warsaw. The instrumental composition flows, never-ending, … Continue reading Hania Rani – “Buka”

Tears For Fears – “Break The Man”

Like many of us, I was a huge Tears for Fears fan in the 80s. It wasn’t their angst that drew me in, but the classic-out-of-the-box pop anthems and staggering vocals. Songs like “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” conquered the US and the whole world followed. They are this week’s artist because they have released their first record in 18 years. And … Continue reading Tears For Fears – “Break The Man”

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant – “Tiny Desk”

I could listen to these two all day. Sweet harmonies and a special chemistry plain to see each time Krauss pivots her head to look at Plant to make sure they are in sync. Huddled in the control room around the two singers are an all-star cast of musicians, plucking and grooving to the finest rockabilly and country music you could hear. It has been … Continue reading Alison Krauss & Robert Plant – “Tiny Desk”