Sreeja Chakra – “Life Of Your Own”

I am in Dubai this week for work, attending a party for the local music scene and I am introduced to a young woman who tells me she is an unsigned artist, looking for opportunities. We exchange Spotify links and I head back to my hotel thinking nothing of the exchange. But because I could not sleep, I tapped on my phone and headed to … Continue reading Sreeja Chakra – “Life Of Your Own”

Blanco White – “Who’s Gonna Love You Now?”

What is Blanco White looking for? Josh Edwards (born 21 July 1991), known professionally as Blanco White, is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist from London, England. He has released just one studio album, On the Other Side and 3 EP’s since being signed to Yucatan records in 2016. He now has a new EP ‘Time Can Prove You Wrong’ which is popping up regularly on … Continue reading Blanco White – “Who’s Gonna Love You Now?”

Yuné Pinku – “Sports”

The barrage of negative press about AI has drawn me to this artist and her latest release, “Sports,” specifically as it sounds like what I would imagine an AI-dominated world might sound like. Watching Malaysian Irish producer Yuné Pinku on the floor, kneeling towards a cornucopia of digital machines strewn about like it was the set from HBO’s “The Last of Us” is strangely captivating. … Continue reading Yuné Pinku – “Sports”

Bongeziwe Mabandla – “ukuthanda wena”

Bongeziwe Mabandla is a South African musician based in Johannesburg, who started out predominantly playing folk music accompanied by an acoustic guitar and lyrics in isiXhosa, one of South Africa’s official languages. Since 2012, when his first album Umlilo came out to rapturous reviews in France, Mabandla has been edging towards a more hybrid sound which you can hear to full effect on his latest track ukuthanda wena, from his … Continue reading Bongeziwe Mabandla – “ukuthanda wena”

slowthai – “Yum”

Slowthai, an English hip hop and grime star, is marmite to many. And his music is not an easy listen. But his latest single, Yum, is pushing the boundaries and making people notice. Tyron Kaymone Frampton (born 1994), aka slowthai, is a British rapper and grime artist. His first album, Nothing Great About Britain, was nominated for a Mercury Prize and at slowthai’s 2019 Mercury Prize ceremony performance, he … Continue reading slowthai – “Yum”