Snail Mail – “Valentine”

It’s unusual to hear pop songs rolled out as rock songs these days, where real guitars rip into the chorus instead of synths and loops. Snail Mail is an intriguing prospect. They sound like the finished product, a nice shiny rock/pop outfit that could go global. They clearly have an ear for hooky structure and melody, which is why this latest release, “Valentine”, is getting … Continue reading Snail Mail – “Valentine”

The War On Drugs – “I Don’t Live Here (feat. Lucius)

How do you know when an indie band crosses over to the mainstream? In many ways, it is a chicken and egg situation where it’s either the organic popularity of the band, or it’s some kind of musical metamorphosis that pushes the band beyond its original borders. In the case of The War on Drugs (aka TWOD), it is clearly the latter. The song “I … Continue reading The War On Drugs – “I Don’t Live Here (feat. Lucius)

Bleachers – “We are young”

Jack Antonoff is a musical prodigy. He burst onto the scene in 2012 with his global smash hit “We are young” and has not stopped penning hits ever since. He has co-written and produced a number of tracks for Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Lana del Rey, earning five Grammys in the process. He is a multi-instrumentalist. His music is like a combination of a John … Continue reading Bleachers – “We are young”

Miombo (Sam Sure Cowebell Dub)

It’s not every day the DJ at a wedding also played Burning Man. And it’s not often that you Shazam every other song the DJ plays at same wedding. And it almost never happens that you hear one track that literally blows your mind. Miombo (Sam Shure Cowbell Dub), by Israeli musician, Haim Laroz, taken from the album of the same name is the perfect … Continue reading Miombo (Sam Sure Cowebell Dub)

Mustafa – “Stay alive”

The stillness roars. A quiet, restrained delivery of surprising beauty imploring his listeners to do one simple thing: stay alive. Mustafa is a Canadian poet, singer, and rapper. Born to Sudanese parents, Mustafa got an early start at the age of 12, his powerful poetry and growing popularity leading to guest spots on Canadian TV, songwriting credits on music from fellow Canadians Shawn Mendes and … Continue reading Mustafa – “Stay alive”