Royal Blood – “Typhoons”

When Royal Blood exploded onto the UK scene in 2014 they went straight to #1. Two boys from Brighton with a fierce sound and undeniable indie-rock riffs. So what do they sound like seven years later? The unusual aspect of the duo is that it consists of just a bass player/singer, Mike Kerr, and drummer Ben Thatcher. Through Kerr’s virtuosity and use of multiple amps, the band is able to create a huge sound. But this initial flourish of minimalist virtuosity turned slightly predictable and the sophomore album was, well, sophomoric. So it is great to see the band back with a prodigal sound on their third album Typhoons. The irresistible hooks and the catchy anthems are still there, but there are more layers now, like vocals and synths. About the new record, lead singer Kerr says it was like “seeing in colour for the first time.” The video is spot on. Shot in an unapologetically grey post-pandemic London, it made me want to join the tribe.



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