Blanco White – “Who’s Gonna Love You Now?”

What is Blanco White looking for? Josh Edwards (born 21 July 1991), known professionally as Blanco White, is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist from London, England. He has released just one studio album, On the Other Side and 3 EP’s since being signed to Yucatan records in 2016. He now has a new EP ‘Time Can Prove You Wrong’ which is popping up regularly on YouTube and helping to promote a tour that will see him play in the US and in Europe. His sound is British folk, with a very slight hint of flamenco in the way he plays his acoustic guitar, an echo from his days as a guitar student in Cadiz and later in Bolivia. The track “Who’s Gonna Love You Now” is stripped down, only a few chords with a subtle change as it wanders into the chorus like a child falling into its mother’s arms. The songs that are beautifully orchestrated, blissfully short, and entirely memorable. With these new recordings, Blanco White is taking another step towards a larger audience, but is that what this enigmatic and reluctant troubadour wants?

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